The Fork in the Road: Which Will You Choose?

ADR: Mediation vs Arbitration vs JDR

Seminar Binder, Electronic Download Version

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Full Set of Materials

Introductory Materials

Agenda & Support Services Guide-Calgary

Agenda & Support Services Guide-Edmonton


Patricia Paradis:

Tab 1 - Principles of ADR - Mediation and Interest-Based Negotiation From a Non-Lawyer Mediator

Dale E. Johns QC:

Tab 2 - Wait a Moment - We're Supposed to Haggle!

Sabri Shawa QC, FCIArb:

Tab 3 - Arbitration Pitfalls & Misconceptions-PP

Robert G. McBean QC, C.Med, C.Arb:

Tab 4 - Honey or Vinegar - Which ADR Process Should I Choose and How Should I Act When I Get There

Stew Baker QC and Marney Lutz:

Tab 5a - Do's and Don'ts of Mediation - A Do-Over

Tab 5b - Do's and Don'ts of Mediation - A Do-Over-PP

J.R. Nickerson QC and Justice James Langston:

Tab 6a - Re-Entry of Mandatory Mediation

Tab 6b - Appendix A

Justice Kevin P. Feehan:

Tab 7 - Perspective from the Bench



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