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ACTLA List Servers

A list server is an email-based discussion group.  List servers are a powerful tool for getting the answers you need on almost any aspect of the practice of law.  Send your question to the email address of a particular list server and up to 170 ACTLA members will receive your question.  Subscribers can reply directly to you or to the entire group.   Questions are answered, information is shared and often a lively discussion ensues.  List servers have become one of the most valued benefits of membership in trial lawyer associations across Canada and the U.S.

Click here to view our list server agreement.

actla-talk is ACTLA's 'all member' list server and is provided at no extra charge to all members of ACTLA, including plaintiff and defense members, students and non-lawyer members.  ACTLA members are not automatically subscribed, but need only to request the benefit.   

actla-plaintiffs is ACTLA's 'plaintiffs only' list server and is restricted to those members who qualify for regular (plaintiff) membership.   This is ACTLA's busiest list server, generating information daily on a wide range of practice-related topics.  Subscribers are required to meet eligibility requirements and sign a user agreement.  A modest annual fee applies.

actla-medneg is a list server for the exclusive use of the ACTLA Plaintiffs Medical Negligence Litigation Group.

actla-news is different from other list servers in that it is used by ACTLA to send timely information to all members via email.  Subjects may include seminar announcements, ACTLA E-News, legislative issues, information from the Law Society of Alberta, or other topics of interest to ACTLA members.  Responses are relayed to the ACTLA office, rather than to the entire list of subscribers.  All ACTLA members providing an email address are automatically subscribed to actla-news.


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