Seminar Binder, Electronic Download Version

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Full Set of Materials

Introductory Materials

Shelagh McGregor & Craig Gillespie: 

Tab 1 - Electronic Resources in the Litigation Office-PP

Tab 2 - Document Production

Tab 2a - Document Production-PP

Tab 2b - Supplementary-Working with Your Assistant-PP

Tab 3 - How to Prepare for Questioning

Tab 3a - How to Prepare for Questioning-PP

Tab 3b - Questioning Transcript-Defendant Doctor

Tab 3c - Questioning Transcript-Defendant Witness

Tab 3d - Trial Transcript-Defendant Witness

Medina Shatz:

Tab 4 - Managing Client Expectations-Shatz

Tab 4 - Managing Client Expectations-Shatz-PP

Barbara Stratton QC:

Tab 4 - Managing Client Expectations-Stratton

Elisa Frank:

Tab 5 - Practical Trial Preparation for New Lawyers and Support Staff-How to Make Your Trial Judge Happy

Tab 5 - How to Make Your Trial Judge Happy-PP

Tracy Brown:

Tab 5 - Trials and Tribulations - Tips for Trial Prep-PP

Tab 5a - Litigation Plan

Tab 5b - Case Management-Litigation Plan

Tab 5c - Issues for Trial

Tab 5d - Case Chronology

Tab 5e - Financial Disclosure

Tab 5f - Child Support Calculation Chart

Tab 5g - Annotated BookofAuthorities

Tab 5h - Trial Exhibit Book

Tab 5i - Proposed Agreed Book of Exhibits

Tab 5j - Trial Binder Index

Tab 5k - Court File Index

Tab 5l - Trial Schedule-Precedent

Tab 5m - Tip Sheet for Witnesses Giving Evidence At Trial

Tab 5n - List of Exhibits at Trial

Tab 5o - Relief Sought-Summary for Judge and Counsel at Start of Trial


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