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Seminar Binder, Electronic Download Version

The following PDF documents are intended for registered attendees only. 

Please note, if you have purchased a printed binder as part of your seminar materials, it will be available for pickup at the registration desk at the seminar.

Introductory Materials

Tab 1:  Document Production

Document Production - Paper

Document Production - PowerPoint

Tab 2:  Speaking to Clients

Speaking to Clients - PowerPoint

Tab 3:  Finding the Un-Findable

Finding the Un-Findable - PowerPoint

Tab 4:  Electronic Resources in the Litigation Office & How to Effectively Utilize Them

Electronic Resources in the Litigaiton Office - PowerPoint

Tab 5:  Working With Your Assistant: "Help Me Help You!"

Help Me Help You - PowerPoint

Tab 6:  How to Prepare for a Questioning

How to Prepare for Questioning - Paper

How to Prepare for Questioning - PowerPoint

Questioning Transcript-Defendant Doctor

Questioning Transcript-Defendant Witness

Trial Transcript-Defendant Witness


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