Seminar Binder, Electronic Download Version

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Introductory Materials

James R. Weir:

Tab 1a - The Role of the Public Trustee

Tab 1b - Settlements Under the Minors Property Act Letter

Tab 1c - Minors Property Act

Tab 1 - Minors Property Act Regulation

Geoffrey W. Coombs:

Tab 2a - Dealing with the WCB-Issues in PI Claims

Tab 2b - Draft Retainer with Enclosures

Tab 2c - PowerPoint

Suzanne Maier & Rod Murray:

Tab 3 - Dealing with AB Health Third Party Liability-PP

Kristy Williams:

Tab 4a - Issues and Considerations in Making a Claim Pursuant to the SEF 44 Endorsement

Tab 4b - PowerPoint

Please Note: An error was made on page 12 of the conference paper “Issues and Considerations in Making a Claim Pursuant to the SEF 44 Endorsement”.  The Miller v. Guardian Insurance case was appealed, and the court of appeal overturned the trial court’s finding that the plaintiff was ten percent contributory negligent for failing to enquire about the absence of an SEF 44 endorsement. See, Guardian Insurance Company of Canada v Miller, 1997 ABCA 210 (CanLII).

Joseph A. Nagy:

Tab 5a - Issues in Obtaining Section 581 Advances 

Tab 5b - Appendix 1

Tab 5c - Appendix 2

Tab 5d - Appendix 3

Tab 5e - Appendix 4

Tab 5f - Appendix 5

Tab 5g - Appendix 6

Tab 5h - Appendix 7

Tab 5i - Appendix 8

Tab 5j - Appendix 9

Tab 5k - Appendix 10

Cara Brown, MA:

Tab 6a - Issues in Fatality Claims-Economic Assessments 

Tab 6b - PowerPoint

David de Vere:

Tab 7 - Litigating Fatal Accident Claims-Keeping It Simple-PP


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