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Seminar Binder, Electronic Download Version

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Introductory Materials

Dr. Michael Freeman:

Tab 1: Principles and Applications of Forensic Epidemiology in the Medicolegal Setting

Tab 1: A Systematic Approach to Clinical Determinations of Causation in Symptomatic Spinal Disk Injury Following Motor Vehicle Crash Trauma

Tab 1: Biomechanical Mechanical and Epidemiologic Characteristics of Low Speed Rear Impact Collisions

Tab 1: Medicolegal Causation Analysis of a Lumbar Spine Fracture Following a Low Speed Rear Impact Traffic Crash

Tab 1: Injury Pattern as an Indication of Seat Belt Failure in Ejected Vehicle Occupants

Tab 1: An Evaluation of Applied Biomechanics as an Adjunct to Systematic Specific Causation in Forensic Medicine

Tab 1: Assessing Specific Causation of Mesothelioma Following Exposure to Chrysotile Asbestos-Containing Brake Dust

Tab 1: Concussion Risk Associated with Head Impact:  An Analysis of Pooled Data from Helmeted Sports

Tab 1:  Freeman-PowerPoint slides

Stewart Baker QC:

Tab 2: Over the Limit Insurance Claims

Murray Engelking:

Tab 3: Evidence at Trial-A Primer

Peter Cline & David Kitchen:

Tab 4: Demonstrative Evidence

Tab 4: Impeachment Issues and Techniques

Tab 4: Kitchen-PowerPoint

Sean FitzGerald:

Tab 5: Bankruptcy Issues in Personal Injury Litigation

Sabri Shawa QC:

Tab 6: PowerPoint

Jeffrey Champion QC:

Tab 7: How Much are the Keepers Swinging the Gate

Walter Kubitz QC:

Tab 8: Personal Injury Client Selection Precedents and Checklists

Clint Suntjens:

Tab 9: Occupiers Liability-Pitfalls and Slip-Ups

Hon. Mr. Justice Robert A. Graesser:

Tab 10: Judicial Dispute Resolution Advocacy

Tab 10: Bank of Montreal Mortgage Fraud


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