Seminar Binder, Electronic Download Version

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Introductory Materials

Dr. Phil Conway

Tab 1 - Current_Upcoming Treatments for Injured Plaintiffs

Elizabeth MacInnis QC

Tab 2a-Maintenance and Support Under Wills and Succession Act

Tab 2b-Maintenance and Support Under Wills and Succession Act-PP

Donald (Dino) McLaughlin

Tab 3-Implications of Criminal Proceedings on Tort Litigation

Susan Borsic-Drumond QC & Tony Bell

Tab 4-Developing Resilience in an Adversarial Process

John Ryan

Tab 5-Maximizing Accident Benefits-PP

Theresa Reichert, Spencer Ord & Richa Bhagrath

Tab 6-Business Valuations in the Context of Injury & Family Law

Michael W. McVey

Tab 7-Establishing Liability by Defining Reasonable Conduct


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