Realities of Family Law vs. The Law

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Full Set of Materials-Lawyer Program

Full Set of Materials-Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program


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Introductory Materials-Lawyer Program

Introductory Materials-Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program



Megan Tupper:

The New Family Property Act - Managing the Transition

Paul Holubitsky:

Family Law Agreements - Best Practices

Tracy C. Brown:

Parenting Disputes In and Out of Court - Good Practices


Patricia M. Hebert QC & Tara G. Tiefenbach:

10 Simple Tips to Help You Stay Out of Court



Sasha R. Joshi:

The Family Property Act - Changes in the Law and What Legal Assistants Need to Know

Chad R. Johnson:

Marriage Agreements Drafting and Checklist

Ning Ramos:

A Refresher - Making the Most of the Alberta Courts Website

Pinar Kocak:

Organizing Disclosure



Sarah Dargatz & Aida Rafie:

Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants in Family Law

Managing Client Expectations in Family Law

Fauza Mohamed:

Getting Paid - How to Not Work for Free

Lonny L. Balbi QC:

Guerilla Tactics on Getting Paid

Susan Roberts:

Making the Most of ChildView

Michael Perlman:

DivorceMate - DM Cloud Tools Guide


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