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Looking-For-A-Lawyer is ACTLA's public on-line legal referral service and is an exclusive opportunity for ACTLA members only.  Each listing can include your name, address, telephone and fax numbers; your email and web addresses, and up to five areas of practice.  Your email and web addresses will be linked so prospective clients are only a click away from learning more about you and your services.

Any member of the public visiting the site can search for a lawyer by name, firm name, geographic location (city) or by area of practice.

In addition to online searching, all telephone legal inquiries to the ACTLA office are referred to ACTLA's Looking-For-A-Lawyer service.

The cost for a single listing, for a full year is just $60.00 plus gst.  That's only $5.00 a month to list your professional information on a public website.

 Click here for your Looking-For-A-Lawyer Subscription Form.


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