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Published four times annually, The Barrister magazine has earned praise from the Bench and the Bar.  Each issue features regular contributors and cutting edge information on a variety of topics.  Every three months, ACTLA members receive their current issue in the mail.  The Barrister Archives  provides links to articles appearing in past issues and is fully searchable.  ACTLA members are encouraged to submit articles for publication and to provide comments regarding 'The Barrister'.
Click here for information on advertising in 'The Barrister'.

ACTLA seminars, teleconferences and webinars provide ongoing practical education.  Featuring leading litigators, guests from the Bench and other top-notch professionals, ACTLA seminars have gained a reputation for high quality, practical information.  Click here for information on upcoming events or for information on past presentations.  

Listservers have become one of the most powerful and popular tools available to trial lawyers in North America.  ACTLA's first listserver was launched in December 1998 making ACTLA one of the first trial lawyer associations to provide this tool to its members.  Since then, ACTLA has introduced further listservers to meet the needs of members.  Click here  for more information on ACTLA listservers.


ACTLA PLAINTIFFS MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE LITIGATION GROUPACTLA's Plaintiffs Medical Negligence Litigation Group provides benefits to those ACTLA members who practise plaintiffs medical negligence litigation or who are interested in learning more about this area of law.  Members must meet eligibility requirements  and additional modest fees apply.  Benefits of the litigation group include periodic teleconference learning sessions, networking and dedicated listservers.  The listserver is shared jointly between members of ACTLA's Plaintiffs Medical Negligence Litigation Group and the TLABC (Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia) Plaintiffs Medical Negligence Litigation Group.  Click here to apply to this litigation group.

Members interested in forming additional litigation groups should contact the ACTLA office.

ACTLA members can search the on-line directory for other ACTLA members.  Listings included contact information, category of membership and areas of practice.  This information is also available to members by contacting the ACTLA office.  ACTLA membership lists are not sold to other parties.

E-News  is ACTLA's electronic newsletter.  E-News is sent to all ACTLA members who have provided an email address and is sent via the actla-news listserv.  Each E-News includes quick updates and information on upcoming seminars, legislative efforts, membership benefits and more.  E-News is sent to members 3-5 times per year.

The Expert Witness Bank is a database of experts who offer a wide range of services to ACTLA members.  From 'Agriculture and Animal Husbandry' to 'Weather' or 'X-rays', the Expert Witness Bank contains contact information and professional experience of people and services who can provide assistance to you.  The Expert Witness Bank is accessible and fully searchable on-line, or by contacting the ACTLA office.

ACTLA members are encouraged to submit information on new experts for inclusion in the Expert Witness Bank.

Looking-For-A-Lawyer is ACTLA's on-line lawyer referral service.  Available to ACTLA members only, this referral service offers search capabilities including surname, location by city or by area of practise.  Lawyers can list up to 5 areas of practise and listings include complete contact information.  Members of the public contacting the ACTLA office are referred to the 'Looking-For-A-Lawyer' service.  A modest annual fee applies.  Click here  to subscribe to this service today.


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