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ACTLA Access to Justice (A2J)

The Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association Access to Justice committee, or A2J, identifies and supports non-operational activities and oversees ACTLA's involvement in projects relating to the legal community, legislative issues and matters affecting the rights and /or safety of consumers.

ACTLA A2J is funded through a combination of donations and membership levies in order to provide sustainable funding for A2J initiatives.  All members of the legal community and those professionals providing support to the legal community are encouraged to support ACTLA A2J.

Examples of ACTLA A2J activities include:

  • Providing support to the Charter challenge of the Minor Injury Regulation (Auto Insurance Legislation), including the 3-week trial heard in April/May 2007 and subsequent appeal by Government of Alberta and Insurance Bureau of Canada in September 2008. 
  • Meetings with Alberta Minister of Finance to discuss ongoing auto insurance matters.
  • Meetings with Alberta Minister of Justice to discuss ongoing justice issues affecting ACTLA members and Albertans.
  • Submissions to, and/or attendance at the Alberta Automobile Insurance Rate Board annually since inception in 2005.
  • Ongoing monitoring of changes and developments to auto insurance in other Canadian jurisdictions.  


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